Hey there, I recently had the incredible opportunity to explore the enchanting land of Thailand, and boy, was it a journey to remember! I’m thrilled to share some of the magical moments I encountered during my time in the bustling city of Bangkok. Buckle up for a virtual ride through the vibrant streets, delicious eats, and exciting activities. Stick around, and I’ll spill the beans on the activities that stole my heart and that I recommend for your own adventure!

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The Grand Palace

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Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace calls out people from across the globe. Amidst the daily hustle, the 2.35 million square feet of this historical marvel flows the essence of Thai culture. As tourists flock to absorb how rich this palace is, the strict dress code demands respect. Long pants for men, modest attire for women—remember to take off your shoes when you go into sacred places. these guidelines ensure a cultural immersion suitable to the birthplace of Bangkok Beyond the crowds, the Emerald Buddha, a symbol of Thai spirituality, casts a serene spell, challenging perceptions of history.

Elephant Encounters

Thailand, the land of white elephants, unfolds its rich heritage through the majestic Asian Elephant. Riding atop these revered creatures, known as Chang in Thai, transcends beyond a bucket list experience. The Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village near the famed Bangkok floating market immerses visitors in vibrant scenes. While many tourists consider riding an elephant a bucket list experience, it’s important to note that this activity is entirely optional. In fact, if you’re someone who loves animals, I would advise against it.

The Saduak Floating Market

Floating around the market is cool, but the stalls didn’t have much exciting stuff. They mostly had the same things, and they were more expensive than regular markets. I didn’t check online to know what to expect, and when I visited, it was a bit underwhelming. The people selling things, both at the stalls and walking around, might ask for too much money for souvenirs. I suggest bargaining with them. The sellers are friendly, and it’s also a good opportunity to interact with local people.

The King Power Mahanakhon Building

This skyscraper is super cool! It looks like colorful Tetris blocks falling down when you see it from outside. Inside, there’s a strict security check and remember, you can’t bring any outside food or drinks. Once you get in, an elevator ascends really fast to the 74th floor. It turns into a room with cool videos and music. Ascending to the skywalk, panoramic views unfold and you will witness what the city has to offer.

There’s a comfy sitting area where you can chill before going up to “The Peak,” which is the highest point at 314 meters. 

The skywalk is so cool! You get to walk on glass and see everything below you. If you’re scared of heights and want to conquer that fear, this is definitely the way to go. Plus, you’ll end up with Instagrammable photos to prove everyone.

Royal Princess Dinner Cruise

The cruise ship experience was definitely the highlight of the trip there was entertainment and infinite food choices. This is a 2-hour cruise so make sure that you don’t miss the enchanting sceneries like the lit-up Temple of Dawn and The Grand Palace in the background. This cruise was the most exciting thing we did in Bangkok. Out of everything we tried, Indeed a culinary and visual spectacle! You should definitely include the Royal Princess Dinner Cruise in your plans


Our time in Bangkok has been an unforgettable journey, filled with awe-inspiring sights, immersive cultural experiences, nightlife, and mouthwatering culinary delights, I will never eat any lousy fried rice again after visiting Bangkok. Thailand is not just about its historical sites – the pulsating markets and shopping districts, such as Chatuchak Weekend Market and MBK Center, offer a glimpse into the city’s vibrant and modern lifestyle. From designer boutiques to quirky trinkets, Bangkok’s shopping scene has something for everyone. 

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